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Rhea & Sam Fairy tale Wedding

Project Type

Bridal make-up and hair


February 2022


Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery, London.UK


Complementary jewel-tones, beautiful detailing thrive throughout the colour scheme of the wedding, from the choice of bouquet flower arrangements to a nice touch of matching lip colour.


Olga Marigold photography

Step into the enchanting world of Rhea and Sam's early spring wedding, where love blooms amidst nature's vibrant rebirth. Picture a breathtaking scene, with delicate blossoms adorning the landscape and the soft whisper of a gentle breeze weaving through the air. In the midst of this spectacular atmosphere stands the radiant bride, a vision of ethereal beauty. Enhancing her natural glow is our expert makeup and hair service, meticulously crafted to complement the splendour of the season. With soft, pastel hues and sophisticated plum touches, her makeup exudes a fresh, youthful radiance, while her hair is adorned with delicate blooms that mirror the beauty of the surrounding landscape. As she walks down the aisle, she truly looks heavenly, embodying the spirit of love and renewal that defines this magical time of year. With our makeup and hair service, she is transformed into a vision of pure elegance, perfectly complementing the spectacular atmosphere of her early spring wedding.

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